Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Everyone sells!

While vacationing in New Zealand, Tom Peters met a wildly successful film director who said that early in his career he realized he had good stuff but he continually failed to close the deal.

He told Tom he realized that he was a lousy salesman and, determined to fix the problem, he read a couple dozen ‘self-help' books on selling and attended some selling workshops. In pretty short order he was closing deals, and thanks to his selling skills, he currently has of a couple of top American T.V. shows to his credit.

Tom also pointed out that as he was watching a TV show about the Italian detective Montalbano (which has English subtitles) he suddenly found himself unable to follow the storyline. The reason: The sound had suddenly been muted, and even though he does not understand the Italian language, his ability to hear the characters inflection and tone as he read the printed words in English had allowed him to understand what was going on. With the sound off, the printed words alone provided less information and made the story harder to follow. This demonstrated to Tom the power and importance of both non-verbal and extra-verbal communication.


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